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The sucky thing about sugar-free baking…

13 May

Ok, I’m still working on the fudge problem. I am DETERMINED to make a decent sugar-free fudge, but have failed (twice) thus far. Even upgrading to fancy pants chocolate and using my trusty maple syrup have failed me!!!! *sobs*

Having a little chat with my friend Google taught me a few things, though. Apparently, sugar does more for your food than just sweeten it. The “sugar alcohols” counterbalance some of the harsher flavors of the other ingredients (*ahem*bitterness*ahem*) and help w/texture in a way that any derivative just can’t, as all they do is add sweetness. So, in order to do sugar-free fudge correctly, I need to get my hands on these “sugar alcohols” (e.g. erythritol, maltitol).


Being stubborn is expensive. I don’t recommend it.

I’ll get back to you on how this works once my erythritol comes in. Be forewarned, though, if any of you are trying to achieve the perfect fudge (or other chocolatey dessert) with just basic stevia or splenda!


THIS is fascinating…

6 May

The WSJ published this delicious little piece of history on the anti-fat movement in the US. It is a MUST READ for anyone who likes following health news. And a SHOULD READ for others who are mildly interested in being healthier!

Of course, I just love anything that justifies my love of meat and cheese. 😀


PS I’m working on those challenges, so don’t think I forgot (or am trying to get out of it)! I’m determined to make an adequate dairy and sugar-free fudge, but my last batch was A-W-F-U-L (I think I need to find a better chocolate to use). I suspect my trial-and-error phase will take awhile.  I’ll keep you posted!


2 May

I’m stuck in a slump, dear readers… my creative cooking juices are temporarily eluding me. 😦

So I thought about maybe doing a Readers’ Challenge type thing…?

Leave a comment on a recipe I should try to HFG-ize: one of your own, something impossible to make healthy, whatevs. For example, you could say something like, “make lasagna, but it needs to be paleo, gluten free, and low cal!” (Actually that sounds good, I may try that anyways!)

I’ll attempt any and all recipes you challenge me to, and I will give you a shout-out/website ping when I post the recipe!!!

Ready, Set, COMMENT!



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